Friday, May 18, 2012

We can pretend it's Thursday

Yep, forgot thankful Thursday. So we're going to pretend it's Thursday, not Friday (at least for this blog).

1. Sunshine- I'm so grateful for the beautiful sunshine that's been covering the lovely Austin area lately.  There's just something about basking in the glorious sunshine that feels so amazing! Now that I have time to be outside and just relax, it has been quite refreshing.

2. Reminiscing- This week, I went to one of Bowie band's concerts. It was so weird being back at my old school, in my old auditorium, seeing all my high school friends. The last time I sat on that stage, I was playing my last concert with Bowie ever. Tuesday, however, I was sitting in the audience, listening to the band's celebratory end of the year concert. I was seeing my peers wearing the all-black uniform while I sat in the audience, wearing "normal" clothes. I didn't have the familiar fluttering of butterflies in my stomach just seconds before a big solo or difficult passage. Being back at Bowie brought back so many wonderful memories of band, friendships, and incredible pieces of music.

3. Swing dancing- I haven't gone swing dancing in at least a year, but I went yesterday with some friends. It was so fun! I forgot how much I enjoyed swing. :) The moves came back to me much easier than I was expecting-just like riding a bike. I'll definitely go swing dancing more often over the summer for many reasons. For starters, it's great exercise. I was completely breathless after just one dance. But swing dancing is also a lot of fun! The music keeps you moving, constantly wanting to spin and sway. On top of that, swing can be so free-flowing, you really don't need to know how to dance. I enjoy exercising with friends, keeping my heart rate up while spending time with those that I love. Swing dancing serves multiple purposes for me!

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