Friday, May 25, 2012

A Successful Day

It's Friday! Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. I hope you're planning to enjoy this unofficial start of summer weekend.

Today, my mom, sister, and I went to a nail salon and got pedicures. My mom had a gift card, so we decided that would be a fun mother-daughter outing. I haven't received very many pedicures in my lifetime, but every time I do decide to pamper myself and get one, I'm always a little bit hesitant. For starters, I'm a very active person; I'm not good at sitting still for a long time. Obviously, for a pedicure, you have to sit still for a substantial amount of time while the nail worker cleans your feet, rubs lotion on your legs, scrubs the dead skin off your feet, and paints the actual nails. Secondly, I'm extremely ticklish. It's so bad that someone just has to say "tickle" and wiggle their fingers for me to start laughing, begging for the person to stop. When the nail worker rubs the bottom of my feet, I have to restrain myself from kicking my foot away from her tickling hands, which would inevitably kick her right in the face. It's worse when she uses the scraper to remove the dead skin. I get the incredible urge to move my foot when she's using it! I know she's just doing her job, massaging my feet/legs the way she was taught. It's not her fault I'm so dang ticklish. However, it makes it hard to get a pedicure because the whole time, I'm having to concentrate on going against my impulses.

Instead of lashing out or moving impatiently, I behaved well today at the nail salon. My toenails are now a beautiful deep green, similar to the Baylor green that I've grown to love. I have clean feet, free of dead skin and callouses, and smooth legs from the salon's lotion. And I got to spend time with my mom and my sister, one of my favorite things to do. I'd say it was a pretty successful day!

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