Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Home sweet home :)

It feels so good to be home! Although I miss all my Baylor friends, my Waco church, and the Baylor atmosphere, it has definitely been nice relaxing in my own house with my family. Monday, I moved home with the help of my wonderful parents. Yesterday, my mom and I went to College Station to move Katie home. As you would guess, there are boxes all over the house! Although I have been impressed with my family's unpacking abilities. We are no where near finished (it is exhausting!), but we have finished a big chunk of the unpacking. Katie has called me her "slave driver" today because I have been keeping us to a schedule and routine with unpacking all the boxes. Personally, I enjoy putting everything back in its rightful place and cleaning junk out! I just feel so accomplished after all is said and done. Of course, the house might get a bit messier before it gets put together again, but that's the nature of cleaning.

Unfortunately, I got a cold on Monday. :( Colds are the worst!! It started out with a scratchy throat, went into congestion in my nose, and is now slowly transcending down into my lungs. OH. JOY. Not exactly how I planned to spend my first week of summer vacation, nor will it be good for my host of appointments next week. On Monday, I'm having an upper GI procedure done at 10:30 to look about issues I'm having with my digestive system. Supposedly, this procedure takes 20 minutes, and waking up from the twilight sedation takes about 20 minutes. At 1:15 on Monday, I have an appointment with my endocrinologist. Later that same afternoon, I have an appointment with my ENT doctor followed by an appointment with the audiologist.  Then, on Thursday, I have an appointment with my CF doctor. Am I crazy for having scheduled so many appointments in one week? Probably. But in my mind, I'd rather have one "doctor week" than spread them out over a couple of weeks. In addition, this summer is a summer focused on increasing my health. It's best to see all the docs as soon as possible so that I can have as long as possible to work on their recommendations.

If you think about it, I'd really appreciate your prayers over the next week and a half, especially related to the upper GI procedure. Pray for wisdom for the doctors as well as energy for me to make it through all of these appointments. Thank you so much!

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I agree having one doctor week is better.... rather than scattering them through the month.