Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday's excitement

On Friday, I had the privilege of being a guest speaker for the 7th grade science classes at a local middle school. A friend from church teaches there, and the classes had just finished the genetics unit. Because Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that is pretty uncommon, this friend wanted me to talk to the students about CF, my trials, challenges, and determination. I was very impressed with the middle schoolers. They were very well-behaved and listened attentively throughout my entire presentation. They even asked very intelligent questions afterward, which I probably would not have had the guts to ask as a middle school student. They asked me practical questions, like what would happen if I forgot to take my pills or do a treatment and how I learned to swallow eight pills at a time. They asked questions geared toward my academic and personal life, like what my major is and if I am married or have a serious boyfriend. They asked how infection is transmitted between CF patients, what would happen if I decided to have kids, and if I had contact with other CFers. Their questions were all great! I think the kids enjoyed my presentation, although I can't guarantee it. They were probably most impressed because I am relatively close in age to them, and I don't look "sick". I could tell they were a bit surprised by my age and appearance.

I had a bit of a problem in 4th period, however. You see, I'm playing around with my meals to try and increase caloric intake. Because of this, in the middle of 4th period, I could tell my blood sugar was dropping rapidly. However, I had just eaten a snack/meal. I proceeded with my speech, hoping my blood sugar would come up. Instead, it continued to crash. My vision started getting fuzzy, and at about the time I sat down, everything went black. Poor 4th period! I was so embarrassed. After checking my blood sugar and downing a juice box, I felt fine. The weird thing was, my blood sugar was only 57, which wasn't that low. For whatever reason, I had some serious issues Friday, though.

Basically, I just like to keep everyone on their toes! My body just likes to throw a surprise or two once in awhile, I suppose.

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