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Stomach pains

I think the kind of stomach pain I get from CF related problems is one of the worst feelings I've ever experienced. Not only can I not focus because of the pain, but it literally feels like a knife is piercing my insides. I can't breathe deeply, I can't stand up straight, I can't live my life. I'd say I have a fairly high pain tolerance, so when I say I'm in major pain right now, I mean it.

I know I'm having problems with my stomach today because of my own stupidity. This past weekend, I went to a retreat with my sorority. We pretty much ate junk food the whole time, and, I admit it, I didn't take enzymes when I should have. It didn't even cross my mind, I guess since we were snacking here and there. Because of CF, I can't digest ANYTHING without my enzymes, but eating all that fatty food without help from the outside was idiotic of me. Now, I'm definitely paying the price.

I like to think that I'm "normal" and all, but clear…

Let's be real

I think a major problem in our society today is that people are not willing to be vulnerable and honest about their lives. Trust me, I'm struggling with this right alongside you. Think about it--when someone asks, "how are you doing?", do you really tell them how you're actually doing, or do you answer back, "Fine, how are you?" without even thinking about it? I'm not talking about when the person you pass is someone you consider an acquaintance or someone you know because of a mutual class. I'm talking about someone you view as a genuine friend, someone you enjoy spending time with and want to get to know better. I know far too often, I spit out some rehearsed saying without even recognizing what's coming out of my mouth. Why do we do this? Why do we feel like we have to have our life all together 100% of the time and can never be struggling with anything? Because I know my life is not always peachy keen. And I'm pretty sure yours isn't…

CF cough

Ahh the CF cough. It's recognizable by pretty much every CF patient, family member, and caretaker. "Normal" people tend to run the other direction when they hear our body-shaking coughs, afraid of contacting some horrible cold or flu virus. But alas, we are not contagious. We cannot suppress the urge to cough...and cough...and cough. And we certainly don't need your freaked our stares. We are just CFers, and the distinct cough you may hear is normal for us.

I've had people tell me that they didn't know such a sound like my coughs could come out of such a small person's lungs. When I cough, it's not one of those cutesy coughs that a delicate girl trying to act properly would let escape because of a tickle in her throat. No, I'm the exact opposite. I sound like I'm hacking up a lung. I know what you're thinking--so attractive.

Hence the reason for all the breathing treatments. I feel like I'm constantly doing treatments, maybe because be…

Nature girl

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a nature girl. Although I'm not a huge fan of bugs, I absolutely love hiking, going on walks, watching the sun rise and set, and spending time with God in His beautiful creation. Seriously, have you ever went outside and watched the sunset over a lake or through a mountain range or from the roof of your house? It's absolutely stunning. Every single sunset is unique, with different shades of pink and purple and orange strewn across the sky. You can see a small speck of God's creativity and beauty by being in nature. I wish I could watch the sun set every single day. I also really enjoy hiking--the exhilaration of walking the rocky paths, the peaceful sound of birds singing, the adventurous spirit of wandering the wilderness. I feel so accomplished after getting to the top of a rocky hill or completing a trail. I even enjoy simply reading outside on a really nice day. Combine an afternoon of reading and feeling the sun's warm …

Passion: Let the Future Begin

Passion: Let the Future Begin was released to the public yesterday. The CD is a compilation of the songs from Passion 2013. I highly suggest buying the music. I've listened to the CD yesterday and today, and I am blown away by how moving it is. Maybe that's because I'm remembering the experience of Passion while listening to it, remembering being in the Georgia Dome with 60,000 college students lifting up the name of Jesus. However, I really believe that God will use the new Passion CD to stir people's hearts toward Him. Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, and all the rest of the Passion artists have such a desire to glorify God with their music and their talents, and I can't help but worship along with them. God has certainly blessed them with the incredible ability to write songs and sing beautifully, and it's awesome to see these artists giving everything back to the Lord. Below are some of my favorite lyrics from different songs o…

The body

The human body is truly amazing. Have you ever thought about what all has to happen in order for you to just survive? We don't think about the everyday work our body does unless we have a medical problem. Let's think about the incredible nature of the human body for a second.

1. We shed 1.5 pounds of skin cells a year, yet we always have a protective covering of skin covering us.

2. Ears maintain our sense of balance and spatial regulations.

3. The human nose can distinguish an average of 10,000 different smells.

4. There are 10 billion capillaries in the human body.

5. Blood circulated through the entire body in less than a minute.

6. The human stomach can stretch up to 20 times its normal size after a meal.

7. The skeletal system can hold up to 20 times our body weight.

8. Yet the skeletal system is also light enough to "defy gravity" for a few seconds.

9. The lungs filter oxygen and waste with every breath we take.

10. Bones last a lifetime.

11. We have the abi…

The LIttle Things

If your week looks anything like mine, you're super stressed and looking forward to Friday. Thankfully, we can take time to be grateful for the little things in life. I haven't done a blog like this in awhile, but I hope you enjoy reading the little things I'm grateful for and can take time out of your busy day to be blessed by simplicity and beauty!

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