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What a month

Hello blogging world! It's been awhile since I've written. Life has been a bit crazy recently. I just got back from a trip with my college group to the United Kingdom. We went to a little town called Hexham in the north of England. There, we were able to help a local church begin to grow its young adult population and start to build relationships. The trip was incredibly eye-opening for me! I have never gone on a mission trip to a foreign country, and it was definitely a bit of a different experience than an in-country trip. For starters, I learned so much about the English culture. Our team stayed with host families who were members of the church, so we were able to live like true Hexham people. We saw the community from a native's point of view. We learned the vocabulary, ate the food, and explored the town with fresh eyes. Bye end of the trip, I think all of the Texas team members had left a little part of our hearts in Hexham. Being in Hexham reminded me that God is th…