Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First day

First day on the job, and I already experienced a fire drill, free ice cream, and the fun environment of a speech pathology clinic!

This summer, I am volunteering at a speech pathology clinic. Basically, I am there to help copy papers, laminate, and do whatever else they need me to do to keep the clinic running smoothly. Even more excitingly, I also get to observe therapy sessions. I had my first observation today, and I loved it! I can see myself becoming a  speech pathologist and working with clients on speech, language, and voice issues, like articulation, form, pragmatics, content, and receptive/expressive skills. The beautiful thing about speech pathology is that with my degree, I really can work anywhere. As well, I don't have to specialize in a specific area of speech pathology, so I can change where I work and not get burned out. I can work in the schools with children that need a little more help weekly to improve speech errors. I can work in a private practice setting with children who need more help than the school system provides. I can work in hospitals with stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. I can work in rehab facilities. There are so many options!! Observing this summer will give me a tangible experience and practical applications as a future speech pathologist. I am so excited for all this summer will hold!

I should probably explain the fire drill and ice cream thing. The building the clinic is in had a fire drill to test that the alarms were working. As payment for standing outside in the heat and bearing the high-pitched screech of the alarm, we all got free Amy's ice cream and sandwiches. Who knew that my first day on the job would be so interesting?

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