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Back to Square One

I was doing so well.
At the end of August, I read Gunnar Esiason's blog about beginning the Couch-5k program (you can read that here). It inspired me to begin the program myself. I knew that it would be hard, but I also knew that I needed to push myself to exercise more intensely to help my lungs. Ever since I got the blood clot in January, my lung function hasn't been where I wanted it to be, and exercise is a tool that is very useful in maintaining as much lung function as possible. Since I've never been able to run even a mile without stopping, I was very intimidated and knew that I might need to add my own "steps", but I was so determined to complete the program, no matter how long it took. 
The program begins with a 5 minute warm up and ends with a 5 minute cool down for every exercise. The first week, you jog a minute, walk a minute and a half for a total of 20 minutes. I breezed through the first week pretty easily. The second week, you jog a minute and a …