Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rambling thoughts

My. brain. is. dead. So if I ramble, I apologize. I just took my Spanish final, and I am so glad that it's over with!! I did well on it, but that doesn't mean all my energy wasn't drained from taking the darn test. Three finals down, one to go! :)

Today was the CF walk in Austin. It was so weird not being there. I have been to a CF walk every year for as long as I can remember, and I have spoken at the event since I was in seventh grade as the ambassador for the Central Texas Cystic Fibrosis Foundation chapter. I know that I am still supporting the CF Foundation from afar, but I definitely wish I could have been there today physically, not just in spirit. I heard that the Walk was extremely successful, however. As of this morning, $110,000 was already raised!! Hopefully next year, my finals will be completed before the Walk, and I can participate as always.

My sister and I have finally decided on the May challenge (so sorry for the delay). We are compiling a book list to read over the entire month. These books will challenge us intellectually but also give us a way to enjoy the beginning of our summer break. We are both avid readers, so this challenge should be fun and exciting. There's nothing like opening a new book and diving into the character's lives, becoming a part of the storyline and feeling the emotions of the characters. I have never cried while reading a book or watching a movie (I know, what kind of a person am I??), but I thoroughly enjoy being held captive by an intriguing book. I could sit and read for hours (except that I like to stay active while reading, so I could probably walk and read or do calf-raises and read for hours..ha!) Once we decide on the final list, I will post it so you can know what we're reading.

I hope you all have a blessed, relaxing Saturday. Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo. That's the last bit of Spanish I am speaking all day today!

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  1. Can't wait to read your list! I'm a huge reader, as well. Books are my drug of choice. ;)