Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1. Rain- This past week, we have had several storms pass through. Although it's no fun to drive in or to spend any time outdoors, we needed the rain very badly! Who knows, maybe the temperatures will cool off some, at least for a little while! Our grass was starting to die, it was so scorched from the lack of rain. A couple of days of rain isn't going to get us out of the drought, but it definitely has provided some relief from the constant heat.

2. Pertzye- I know the name sounds funny, but Pertzye is my new enzyme that I am so so excited about! Enzymes help my body absorb and digest food because my natural enzymes do not work properly. Pertzye is supposedly the same formula used to make Pancrecarb, the old enzymes I used that worked to help my body absorb nutrients extremely well. Pancrecarb was taken off the market about two years ago, and the enzymes I've been taking simply haven't worked as well. Pertzye could potentially keep me from having to get a feeding tube. I'm praying for these enzymes to do their thing in my body as they are supposed to!

3. Craft week- My sister has this week off from work, so she has been crafting for her apartment next year. I've joined her in crafting a little bit. I'm no artist, but I've enjoyed the projects we've been working on. Working on apartment crafts is making me excited for August, as well :) I cannot wait to have an actual living space with my roommate that we can call our own!

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