Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to School dinner

I just got home from a delicious annual back to school dinner with my grandparents. Even though school doesn't start for another three weeks, tonight was the only day available for our tradition. In my family, when we establish a tradition, we don't like to go messing around with it! Therefore, we never really change it. Tradition is tradition, after all!

Anyway, we used to always go to the Melting Pot downtown for our annual night out. Unfortunately, that location of the Melting Pot closed this past year. We had to break our tradition partially and branch out to try someplace else. I'd say it paid off nicely. Dinner was quite delicious. For starters, the bread was very yummy. Anyone who knows me knows I love bread. I could probably live only off of bread. If a restaurant doesn't have good bread, it's not a winner for me. This restaurant's bread was warm and freshly baked--an A plus in my mind. Everyone ate a different entree, which is pretty unusual for my family. I ate Fettuccine Salsa Fresca, a delicious blend of spices, fresh vegetables, and pasta. Others got filet mignon, braised short ribs, pork chop, shrimp, a specialty salad, and a pasta similar to mine but with added chicken. I believe everyone else really enjoyed their entrees, as well. For dessert, we split one of the best brownies I have had in awhile, an amazing salted butterscotch creme brulee, and a rich peanut butter mousse. It was overall quite a tasty evening, if I do say so myself.

What was better than the yummy bread, the tantalizing entrees, or the decadent dessert, however, was the time spent with my grandparents and family. I love every second I get to spend with these folks. Although we always go out for a back to school dinner, each outing with them feels unique and special.  This dinner was no exception. I am so so grateful for all the support and love I get from my family, and I know that I have the best of the best!

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