Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1. Sleep- I've only slept in bits and spurts yesterday and today, but I'm very thankful for the little sleep I've gotten. I woke up at least once an hour last night, so I'm guessing I will be napping off and on all day today. Between the anesthesia and the lack of sleep, I'm quite grateful for any sleep I can get.

2. Water- I've never been so thirsty in all my life. I have to breathe through my mouth only because of the packing in my nose from my sinus surgery. I've been drinking water pretty much nonstop to try and keep my mouth from drying out too much. What would I do without clean drinking water?? I have no idea.

3. Chocolate milk and smoothies- Because sense of smell and sense of taste are interrelated, I really can't taste food. I'm having issues chewing, too. Hence, smoothies are my friends these next few days so I don't lose calories. My dad is an excellent smoothie maker, and I enjoy the variety of smoothies he can make. Plus, smoothies seem to have a bit more taste than actual food right now. And taste is pretty important to enjoying eating!

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