Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic fever

I love the Olympics. Maybe it's the excitement of cheering on team USA. Maybe it's the spirit of competition, since I love competition myself. Maybe it's the chance to see all of the athletes' hard work paid off. Whatever it is, when I hear the Olympic theme song start to play and see the Olympic rings displayed proudly, I get excited to watch the Games.

Before the Games officially started, a blind archer from South Korea was already making history. This man, unable to see at all from his right eye and officially labeled legally blind, beat his own 72-arrow record. With his two other teammates, they broke the world record archery score during the preliminary round, receiving 2,087 points. The Olympics had not even officially begun, yet this man was astounding the world with his skill and determination. He did not let the fact that he is legally blind stop him from achieving his dreams of representing South Korea at the Olympics. At just twenty-six years old, Im Dong Hyun has already won gold medals at the Athens and Beijing Olympics and plans to compete at the top of his game in London. Here is his story:Im Don Hyun's story

My exuse for anything has simply gone out the window after hearing about Im Don Hyun's success. Most people would not even try to learn archery if blind, much less compete up to Olympic standards. Somehow, I doubt his journey to the Olympics was easy. I cannot imagine the amount of criticism and doubt he received from people, telling him he could not compete at that level. Yet he overcame those challenges. As a Christian, I have the biggest power a man could imagine--the power of Jesus Christ, living inside of me. Who am I to doubt my God-given abilities and talents? My determination to live life has increased dramatically. "No" is not final unless given by God. Nothing is impossible with Him.

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