Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sing, Sing, Sing

This weekend, I got to see Sing at Baylor with some of my family. Sing is a huge musical production put on by the fraternities and sororities. Each performance lasts 7 minutes, with 2 minutes to get the props on and 2 minutes to get the props off. The performances have a theme, and the songs, costumes, make up, and dances are all related to this theme. The Friday and Saturday performances are judged for two weekends, and the top 8 out of 16 acts perform again at Pigskin during Homecoming the following year. The acts were so impressive! The dancing was extremely choreographed and synced. The singing was professional, and the acoustics echoed beautifully in Waco Hall. I love musicals, so maybe that was why I was so enthralled with the many different acts. The performances were creative, energetic, and fun! I was very blessed to spend the weekend with my family, enjoying these great acts.

Get your Sing faces on, people. Performances at Sing bring energy, life, and a guaranteed, pleasant time (that is, if you can sit through 4 hours of performances)!

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