Saturday, February 4, 2012

BIC adventures

I'm in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) at Baylor. BIC is an interactive honors program with a focus on integrating intellectual pursuits with knowledge that will be useful in the future, including a huge emphasis on learning about other cultures. Last semester, my BIC class went to a Hindu Temple and a Jewish Synagogue. Today, we journeyed to an Islamic Mosque in Dallas. It was an interesting experience. We observed their third prayer and had a Q&A time with some of the Muslims at the mosque. The prayers are said in Arabic. Men and women pray in separate rooms so they can focus on their prayers, not drawing attention from the opposite sex. The women wear scarves covering their heads and are to be covered modestly. The men are to provide for women because men are the stronger gender. They do not believe Jesus is God's Son but rather that He was a prophet. This is obviously a huge, pivotal difference between the Islamic and Christian faith, a difference that cannot simply be overlooked. After our time at the mosque, we went to a Lebanese restaurant and enjoyed Middle Eastern food, belly dancing, and dancing in our own conga line! Overall, the trip was definitely an experience I will remember.

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