Monday, February 6, 2012


You're looking at one of the newest pledges for the Zeta Omega chapter of Alpha Phi Omega! That's right, folks. Tonight, we had Activation Night, and I am now officially a pledge member. Alpha Phi Omega is built on three things: service, friendship, and leadership. I love that about APO. I enjoy serving so much. As a Christian, we are called to be God's hands and feet, serving the world as we can. Service gives me such joy! Even when I am having a horrible day, service lifts my spirits and takes the focus off of my own problems and onto the needs of others. APO also gives me a chance to form great friendships with people who love serving, just as I do. This co-ed fraternity creates strong bonds of friendship among its members. As well, APO will encourage me to use the innate leadership abilities God has given me. I am so excited to see how God is going to use this opportunity to further His glory and His name across the Waco community! I have my first pledge test on Wednesday, so wish me luck!

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