Friday, February 24, 2012

Blue Skies Shining at Me

These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous here in Waco! The sun has been shining, the squirrels have been chasing each other around the trees, and the sky has been a beautiful shade of bright, Colorado blue, with not a cloud in the sky. Students around Baylor's campus have been doing homework, eating, socializing, tossing around a ball, and swinging from hammocks outside on these gorgeous days.

Is it still February, or did we skip ahead to springtime? Oh well!

I love to just sit outside and feel the warmth of the sun tanning my fair skin. It provides a great opportunity to think and reflect on God's goodness and mercy. So, naturally, I have been outside, basking in the glorious radiance of the sun while thinking about the majesty of the Son, Savior of the world. On days like these, my eyes are opened to the amazing power of the God we serve. He created the beauty of the earth, everything from the grass moving in the gentle breeze to the brilliant sun providing power and energy to every living thing on earth. He thought through ALL the details without even breaking a sweat!! And, not only did he just create every single thing, He also put creativity and uniqueness into every single thing He made. For me, this is just mind blowing. I'm not the most creative person on the planet, so anyone with an ounce of creativity impresses me. But God is insanely creative and innovative! I see evidence of this when I see a different, incredible sunset, day after day, or when I look at students walking around campus, each with unique aspects about them that form their personality and characteristics, or when I see the different types of species that roam the planet. God's creativity gives me chills.

Enjoy this lovely weather! We serve an immensely creative, amazing God, my friends.

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