Friday, May 24, 2013

I wish

I wish people knew what breathing felt like for me. I am always embarrassed when I can't keep up with my peers, when I'm out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs, when I take awkward breaths in the middle of talking because I need oxygen. People give me looks that say, "wow, you're out of shape," or "you should get to the gym more often". I work my behind off to keep my lungs as healthy as I can, but I guarantee you that breathing with 60% lung function is a lot different than breathing at 100%, even if you work-out often. However, there's no way to really describe my breathing to a non-CFer. If people could breathe with my lungs for a day, maybe they'd understand the struggle I go through on a daily basis but am unable to verbalize.

Maybe they wouldn't abuse their bodies as much as they do.  

I wish people knew how furious it makes me when they take their health for granted. I can barely keep myself from giving smokers a piece of my mind when I see them walking nonchalantly down the street, cigarette in hand. I want to tell people off when they talk about smoking pot as if it's normal and healthy or when they talk about getting too drunk the night before to remember anything. You have been blessed by God with a healthy, able body, and you're going to go mess that up? Live a day in my shoes, and then tell me if you'll pick up those unhealthy habits again. I think the answer would be a resounding no. I'm not going to apologize for coughing when you're smoking near me, or walking away when you're talking about how much alcohol you can drink before passing out. I just can't stand seeing people take advantage of their life. The next time you're about to abuse your body, think of me. Think of the fact that life is precious. Think about doing all you can to protect your health. 

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