Friday, February 1, 2013

Sacks for CF

The Boomer Esiason Foundation is well known in the CF community for raising millions of dollars for the CF Foundation. Boomer Esiason's son, Gunnar, has cystic fibrosis, which was the motivation for him to start the foundation. The foundation also gives out many scholarships to deserving college students (who just so happen to have CF and fight the disease courageously.)

One of the scholarships, called Sacks for CF, is a $10,000 scholarship given to a handful of CF patients at the end of football season. During the season, with every sack that occurs on Monday Night Football, an amount of money is donated to the scholarship. Then, the scholarship committee chooses a certain number of recipients based on the total amount of scholarship money available.

This year, I am one of the recipients!! I got the call this morning. I am so excited! Boomer himself will also announce my name as a recipient on the radio between the first and second quarters of the big game. How cool is that?!

I feel incredibly blessed to have been chosen for this scholarship. On the outside, I may seem like I always have it put together, but trust me, I don't. It's flat out hard to live with CF sometimes. And I know without God, I would be completely and totally hopeless and depressed. But God has given me strength. He has given me drive. He has given me courage. The credit of the scholarship goes to my Father!

So tune in to the radio during the Super Bowl! I know I will be.

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