Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Faithful Father

Can I just say that we have an Almighty, All-Poweful, Awesome Father?? He is so faithful and trustworthy!

Why the sudden outburst, you ask? Recently, God has been encouraging me to pray and pray big. I mean really, really big. I have no problem trusting God with my everyday prayers. I go before Him on behalf of my friends and family, lifting up their struggles and hardships to my Father with open hands regularly. But I have trouble asking God to do big things in my own life. For instance, I don't pray for a cure for cystic fibrosis nearly enough. I don't ask to be healed. I can't really explain the logic behind that thought process. I know that God is Sovereign and could heal my fragile body without blinking an eye. However, I guess since I've lived with CF for so long, I just don't think about praying for a cure. In a way, part of me doesn't want to believe that a cure could be found in my lifetime because I don't want to get my hopes up. I know, I sound crazy. If I believe God can do anything, why do I so often limit His power?? It makes no sense.

Anyway, God has been challenging me recently to ask big things of Him and wait expectantly for His reply. Since He is my perfect Father, I know He desires to give me good gifts! So, I broke down yesterday and asked God for a cure, not just for me, but for all my CF friends. CF sucks, and I'm honestly sick of being sick. I want to be freed of disease, and I know my fellow CFers feel the same way. Yesterday, I made a commitment to pray for a cure and put my faith in God's timing.

Imagine my joy when today, Vertex Pharmaceuticals announced that they would be starting phase 3 clinical trials for people with homozygous deltaF508 mutation, the must common mutation that causes CF, with a combination of 2 drugs that would treat the underlying cause of CF, not just the symptoms. People on these medicines are calling this drug regimen a cure for CF. A CURE! Granted, the phase 3 trials are just for people with 2 copies of the specific mutation. However, this is incredible news! If all goes well with the phase 3 trials, the drug combination would be sent to the FDA for approval and then released to the public. The company also announced it would be starting phase 2 trials of the medicines with people who have one deltaF508 mutation and one other mutation. I am heterozygous deltaF508 and V520F, so the phase 2 trials are applicable to me. I could potentially see CF cured in my lifetime....WHAT? I am still in shock.

If you have ever questioned God's faithfulness, know that He loves you deeply and has a perfect plan for your life. I still don't know if CF will be cured in my lifetime, and I have no idea why I have this disease period. But I do know that no matter what happens, my God is sovereign. He reminded me of that today with the press release from Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Don't be afraid to pray big. Your Father hears your cries and desires to give you all that you need.

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