Saturday, February 9, 2013

ΣΦΛ entry

This is an entry I wrote for my ΣΦΛ sisters at retreat. Enjoy!

Life is a journey. A never ending roller coaster full of ups and downs. It's sometimes a perfectly ripe apple, sweet, intoxicating, and good. But It's sometimes a mushed up banana, slippery, disgusting, and repulsive. It's the delighted laughs heard from the playground, but it's also the tearful cries heard in hospitals. It's the screams of good news and the dejection of rejection.

Life is unexpected. It is surprise parties, joyful reunions, and unbelievable friendships. But it's also pain you thought you'd never feel, despair like you'd never imagined. It's full of sudden twists and turns and halts and somersaults.

Life is a mystery. It is confusion, chaos, and questions. It is like following clues to a treasure trove at the end of the path. The way ahead is only identified step by single step, keeping you constantly guessing about the future.

Most importantly, life is a gift from God. It is a precious jewel, our chance to live for The Lord and shine brightly. It's a time to build relationships that will last forever, to learn and discover amazing things, to seek after the heart of Jesus. It's special, unique, and sanctified by God.

Life is a journey. And I am so blessed to be able to share this adventure with you all.

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