Friday, December 7, 2012

Study study study

This past week has been a mass of chaotic studying, reading, and stress relieving. It's that time of year that everyone dreads all semester but also looks forward to seeing the end result--finals week. Needless to say, my brain has been working in overtime. I am the kind of person that plans a VERY detailed study schedule and sticks to it as much as possible. I'm also the kind of person who is done studying for the day by 8pm at the latest so I can let my brain rest for the night by watching TV or reading a book for fun. Studying for me is all about time-management and practical planning. After all, if you don't know the information the night before a big test, cramming and staying up until the wee hours of the morning will not help you remember the information on the test. Instead, I study steadily throughout the year, so once finals season comes around, I just have to review what I know. On my schedule, I wrote down the times I will study, exercise, eat meals, and socialize for the rest of the semester. That way, I don't get lost in the mess of finals.

I have now taken two finals and have three to go--one Saturday and two Tuesday. Then, I will be going home for the break! The song, "I'll be home for Christmas" has new meaning after going away to college. I am not constantly surrounded by my family while at Baylor. While I have made great friends who I consider my "Baylor/Waco family", Christmas is a special time because I get to be with all of my family in one place at the same time for a whole month. I am excited for the Christmas season, celebrating my Savior's birth with my wonderful family. I just have to get through these last three finals!

Best of luck to everyone taking finals this week and next. May you do your best and show how much you've learned this semester!

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." --Benjamin Franklin

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