Saturday, December 1, 2012

He's teaching me

This may come as a shock to you (note the sarcasm), but I tend to be very opinionated about everything from what's right and wrong to judging the character of my peers. I have a very black and white personality. There's very little wiggle room for discussion for important mattes in my mind. This is both a blessing and a hindrance to my walk with Christ. Obviously, it's a blessing because I have a firm moral sense of right and wrong. I'm quick to point out my failings because I know in my gut when I mess up. Therefore, I am good at catching myself before I do something I will regret later on. However, I am also quick to point out when other people make mistakes. I do not have the spiritual gift of mercy, so too often I judge people based on my perception of them. I focus on a person's mistakes rather than seeing him or her as God sees him or her--clean, pure, and forgiven (if that person loves the Lord and has accepted Christ as Savior). Who am I to judge a person's heart and decide if he or she really loves Jesus? That is not up to me. A person's past actions do not necessarily determine his or her heart's desires. God has been teaching me this year how to use my gift of discernment properly without abusing it and judging others. Although I'm far from understanding how to be merciful or, let's be honest, how to love everyone I come in contact with, I pray that I'm growing in my relationship with Christ on a daily basis and that His presence is showcased to the world through my life.

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