Friday, June 8, 2012

Thankful day

This week has not been one of the greatest, obviously. I was not expecting to land in the hospital or feel really sick. However, I still have things to be thankful for (like, for example, every breath I take!) Life is full of ups an downs, but God still provides me with relationships and aspects of my life to be grateful for.

1. Exercise bike in my room- as a CFer, I get special "perks" while in the hospital. For example, I get an exercise bike in my room. Most patients have to walk around with physical therapy so they don't get bed sores, and, although I enjoy walking, I like exercising at my own pace on my own time. With the exercise bike, I can hop on and pedal away whenever I please.

2. Support system- I have said this before, but I have the best family and friends. They are such a tangible way for me to feel God's love for me and His amazing care. My friends and family are always willing to pray for me, both when I'm sick and when I'm "well". My mom stays with me when I'm at the hospital, sticking up for me and making sure I get the best care possible. My dad is willing to do anything he can to help us out. My siblings never fail to make me smile, even on the worst of occasions. And my friends continually text, Facebook, and email encouraging words and prayers. I am forever grateful.

3. A real shower- When I receive IV antibiotics, I am accessed to my port, meaning I have a needle in my skin and tape covering the accessed area. Once a week, I have to be reaccessed so that I don't get an infection. I get to take the old needle and tape off my skin and have a little bit of time free from tape. I love getting to take an actual shower without having to worry about getting the site wet. Oh, the little joys!

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