Wednesday, June 20, 2012


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Teddy Roosevelt

I desire to be a servant to other people. I find joy in helping others, pouring my time and my work into their lives. To me, nothing is better than being a servant! That's simply the way God wired me.

Teddy Roosevelt's quote strikes a familiar chord in my life. He begins my saying, "Do what you can". I often get too caught up in trying to do everything for people that I forget that I simply can't do everything! I am only one person, with certain qualities and characteristics that make me able to serve others in a very specific way. For example, I can't lift heavy furniture for a friend who is moving and recently hurt their back (that's just a made-up scenario, by the way). I am physically incapable of doing that, weighing as little as I do. However, I can organize a group to go over and help the friend move. I can help unpack boxes or move smaller ones elsewhere. There are other ways I can serve without overexerting myself in the process or getting frustrated with what I can't do.

Roosevelt then says, "with what you have." I was made with an able body, two arms, two legs, good eye sight (with contacts), and some pretty cool personality traits. God has fitted me to serve others with the gifts He has blessed me with. I don't need to go searching for something special, thinking I can't serve others if I don't have (insert object here). I can help others by being me, with everything that I have right now. I don't need to wait on anything but can just get busy serving!

Finally, Roosevelt closes by saying, "where you are." This is important because it focuses on the community aspect of service. I don't need to travel to a far away land in order to give of myself. My focus should be on building up my community, which includes my friends, family, neighbors, classmates, church family, and, honestly, people I don't like, as well. If I had the attitude that I can only serve when I'm away from people I know, what good would that do in showing God's love and being His hands and feet? We are called to live like Jesus wherever we are. He is the ultimate server, and my desire is to look like Him. Therefore, I will serve wherever life takes me.

Sometimes I forget that I can serve in many different capacities, with the gifts God has given me, right where I am today. My prayer is that as my life in Christ grows and develops, I can learn to serve others like Jesus, to the glory of God.

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