Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life-size Barbie

With Spring Break just around the corner and summer soon to follow, the Baylor Health Center is focusing this week on eating disorders. Several displays portray the despair and desperation of disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Life-size Barbies show how distorted the world's view of beauty has become. As a life-size "person," Barbie would be 5 feet 10 inches, weigh 105 pounds, have a 39 inch bust and an 18 inch waist, and wear a size 3 shoe. Let me tell you, Barbie is not very attractive with these proportions. She does not look healthy, with her "skin" clinging tightly to barely-there bones and non-existent muscles.

Why is beauty such a messed up image in today's society? So many girls struggle with poor self-image, wishing to obtain the "perfect" figure. yet, who decides what the "perfect figure" looks like? Who is to say that a size double zero is better than a size 6? Obviously, it's important to live a healthy life, to eat right and exercise frequently. But, in my opinion, beauty is not defined by how skinny your waist is or if you have the hourglass figure so many people crave. Beauty comes from the inside, reflecting the love of God and love for others.

Don't get caught up in the world's lies. Beauty is not based on outward appearance. It is reflected by your actions, characteristics, and innate qualities. You are beautiful, and you are loved!

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