Saturday, March 31, 2012

Busy week, busy life!

Oh wow, this week has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. Not even kidding. I am SO thankful that God helped me through this week! The next few weeks aren't going to be a walk through the park either, though. I have many tests, research papers, and assignments that are standing between me and summer break. Oh, and I can't forget about finals. Those will be such a joy. But the end of my freshman year is upon me! I can hardly believe it. I signed up for classes for next year on Tuesday, and it hit me that I'm almost 1/4 of the way through my undergraduate years of college. It's absolutely crazy. People were right when they said time flies faster the older you get. I remember when I was in elementary school, it felt like I would never grow up. Then, in middle school, I just couldn't wait to get to high school because I thought high school kids were just so cool. By senior year of high school, I was ready to move on to college, to get away from high school drama and petty arguments. Now, I just want time to slow down! I want to enjoy every single moment God has blessed me with, knowing that life is precious. I don't want to wish my time away, waiting for the next "big thing." I want to live in the here and now, taking time to thank God for all He has given me and to develop the skills and talents He has blessed me with. So, even amid the busyness of the next few weeks (and let me tell you, they will be busy!), I'm going to try and slow down, doing my absolute best in my school work but also spending valuable time developing relationships with friends and spending time to explore my identity along with the gifts and talents God has given me.

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