Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Houston Adventure

My family and I went on a little road trip to Houston Monday-Tuesday. It was definitely an experience. We went to the rodeo Monday night. For starters, Houston traffic is absolutely horrible!! I can't imagine trying to navigate my way through the 6-lane (each way) highways going to and from work or school every day. Of course, if you're a native Houstonite, you probably know all the backroads and the times to avoid the highways. Nevertheless, I was very glad I wasn't driving.

Our seats at the rodeo were on the 5th row from the top of Reliant Stadium-- yay nosebleed section! But between the huge screens all over the stadium and the angle we were sitting, we could see perfectly fine. I've decided I'm definitely NOT a cowgirl. When the men wrestled the steers, I felt so bad for the poor cows, being tackled to the ground. During the bullriding, I grimaced, hoping that the riders would stay safe and avoid the bull's fierce horns. I enjoyed the barrel racing, however. The women flew around the barrels with such speed and grace. It was fun to watch. The cutest event by far was "Mutton Bustin'." In Mutton Bustin', precious young children (probably under 6 years old) held onto sheep very tightly and tried to stay on for a certain amount of time, It was like mini-bullriding, except for the fact that there was no danger involved, and the kids actually laid on top of the sheep and gripped onto their wool. It was adorable, watching these little cowboys and cowgirls experience a rodeo event.

The Zac Brown Band performed at the end of the rodeo. They were very impressive. I'm not a huge country music fan, but I definitely enjoyed some of their songs. I'm probably going to go check out some of their songs on iTunes, so when I'm in the country music mood, I can listen to them.

My least favorite part of the rodeo was all the cigarette smoke. My lungs started hurting toward the end, and I was struggling to breathe. There was no way to avoid the disgusting wafts of smoke that the breeze always seemed to blow my way. During the rodeo, the announcers  made an announcement about the dangers of tobacco, and I just found that ironic since many of the people were smoking.

Today, we went to Jump Sky High, which is a trampoline place. There are trampolines EVERYWHERE. You could bounce off the walls or off the ground. There was also a foam pit. It was pretty cool, and I definitely got my workout for the day! We also got to see both sets of grandparents--Grandma and Grandad in Houston, and Grammy and Paw-Paw in New Braunfels. It was such a blessing to see all four of my wonderful grandparents in one day!

These past two days have been quite exhausting. I'm definitely going to bed early tonight. :)

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