Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I am finally deaccessed (again) and finished with this course of IV antibiotics (again)!!!!!!! Hallelujah. I've been on IVs for almost seven weeks of the summer, which has seemed like forever. Maybe I can actually have a real summer vacation now, complete with swimming, enjoying the outdoors, and sleeping through the night?! We'll see. I know the IVs keep me as healthy as possible, and my lungs need all the help they can get, but I am SO ready to have a break from IVs for (hopefully) a few months!

Tata for now. I'm off to enjoy my freedom. :)


  1. There's a good chunk of summer left - hope you enjoy each and every morsel of it! (Why does is sound like I'm talking about a cookie more than a season???) No kidding around - enjoy your freedom.

  2. I just finished IVs too...enjoy the rest of the summer and hoping you stay feeling well for a long time!