Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crazy week

Wow, what a week. Last Tuesday, I went to the doctor. My lungs weren't doing well, and I was having a pretty severe pain in my right middle lobe area. The appointment went in a completely unexpected direction. My doctor wanted to do a bronchoscopy Thursday to see if we were missing anything down in my lungs. Although a bronchoscopy is not an invasive surgery, I still had to have anesthesia and miss Thursday and Friday of work. My doctor also wanted me to follow the bronch up with three weeks of IV antibiotics, even though I just finished a course of antibiotics about a month ago. I was strongly opposed to missing work, but I still had the bronch Thursday and started IVs. The bronchoscopy went fine. My doctor took several sputum cultures from different areas of my lungs so if any new bacteria is invading them, we'll be able to see soon. The anesthesia from the surgery wiped me out--I had absolutely no energy Thursday through Sunday. I'm not sure if I've ever slept as much in one weekend as I did last weekend! Then, there's the fact that my lung is still hurting. I'm going in for further testing and scanning on Friday, so hopefully we'll have answers soon. For now, I'm just coughing as much as I can to clear my lungs and trying to ignore the pain. I also hope the three weeks of IV antibiotics fly by quickly! Let's be honest, I'm not a huge fan of how I feel when I'm on IVs. I'll be counting down the days until I can swim, shower, exercise, and sweat freely again without worrying about infecting my port! 

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