Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1. Sleep- This week, I have realized even more the necessity of sleep. To all those people who can pull ridiculous all-nighters, I do not know how you do it. I'm pretty sure I can't function without a decent amount of sleep every night. Sleep is my friend! It allows me to remember all I learned during the day, helps what I studied stick in my brain, and keeps me energized throughout the day. I strive to go to bed by 10:30 or 11:00 every night so that I can feel my best the next day as well as fight off infection.

2. Advising appointment- It's true, I had my advising already for next semester. It's not even October, and I'm already thinking about my next round of classes. Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit insane? I feel like this semester just got started, but here I am, already planning for the future! I am thankful that I do not have to figure out my schedule all by myself, however. I have two advisors (one for BIC, the other for speech pathology), as well as my parents who help me navigate the hundreds of courses offered by Baylor to narrow them down to the classes I want and need to take. Sic 'em, advisors! Thanks for all you do to help relieve the stress of planning out my college course load.

3. Wind- Not only does wind cool me off from the super hot days, it also helps me to recognize God's constant presence in my life. He is stronger than the mightiest wind, more comforting than a cool breeze on a hot summer day. God controls every aspect of nature, including the wind rushing through the air. I love feeling the wind breeze by me because I am reminded of how great my God is!

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