Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sound of the drum

The never-ending ping of the metronome pulsed through the air. After 8 counts, the sound of a drum cadence joined into the mix, adding to the music. Then all of a sudden, the cadence stopped, leaving only the metronome echoing across the field.  A few counts later, the cadence began all over again, repeating the pattern ten, twenty, even thirty times.

I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing drumline practice. As I was walking across campus today, I heard the familiar sounds of the drums practicing repetition after repetition. I actually found myself trying to get in step with the metronome (imagine me, skipping steps to catch up to some random beat probably no one else noticed, and you'll get the picture of how ridiculous I'm sure I looked). Yes, I'm a band nerd at heart, and I always will be. I could listen to drum practice all day and still be in awe of their excellence. I'm always so impressed by drumline's incredible discipline and constant standard of perfection. Drumline keeps the band in time as well as adding incredible strength and power to its sound. A marching band without a drumline wouldn't be a marching band, honestly!

I'm so grateful that I got to hear a glimpse of the drumline's practice today. Hearing the drum cadences brought back a rush of memories from high school that I will not soon forget. Sic 'em Baylor drumline. Thanks for the reminder of my high school band experiences!

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