Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Funny looks

Man, did I get some funny looks today! After my 3:30-4:45 class, I decided to do my treatment on the bus ride back to my apartment. I felt like I really needed to at least start my treatment before I got back because my lugs were feeling pretty tight. I had brought my puffer and flutter with me to school in anticipation of needing to start my afternoon treatment. No big deal to whip those two things out, right? I mean, I wasn't going to start hacking in the middle of the bus (that might would cause a major disturbance), but I figured I could at least open up my airways with my albuterol puffer and first set of flutter.

I often forget how normal breathing treatments are to me and how foreign they are to everyone else. By the looks I got on the bus, you would've thought I was an alien! It was as If no one had ever seen a flutter before, imagine that! ;)

Note to self: CF is not normal for most people. Therefore, what you consider an everyday occurrence might weird some people out. Bear in mind your "uniqueness" when in public.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I wish I could have been on that bus!