Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Best

I went to the gym today for the first time in two very long weeks. It felt glorious. :) My muscles were quite appreciative for the bike ride and walking I gave them. Even though my speed was much slower than usual, the familiar burn my muscles often feel after a good working out still felt wonderful and gave me a burst of energy.

Okay, so technically, I'm still not supposed to be doing any aerobic activity. But you can't blame a girl for wanting to get up off her butt and move around a little bit, can you?? As I've said before, I don't do the whole, "lay down, relax, and watch TV" thing very well. I get antsy with boredom and anticipation. Would you believe I used to get chastised for not sitting still? Hard to imagine, I know. My main comfort these past two weeks has been that I've been able to read loads of books. Although my body has been unable to exercise, I have kept my mind plenty busy, reading, thinking, and challenging myself. However, it sure is great to exercise my body again!

As I've been watching the Olympics, I've seen the Olympians' very athletic bodies. I know that I will never ever have the kind of muscles these athletes develop through their incredibly strict training regimen. My body isn't designed to be buff, insanely athletic, and overly muscular. Heck, I can't even run a mile without stopping to catch a breather. But I know my body is a gift from God nonetheless. I am to treasure it and care for it the best I know how. I will continue to exercise to my full potential, even though my best pales in comparison to most people (especially the Olympians). I will stretch my mind to continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom. I will follow the direction of the Lord's calling, walking in His steps and listening to my convictions. I may not be classified as the best in the world like an Olympic athlete, but I will always be the best Emily Ingram I can be. And that includes right now enjoying the simple pleasures of walking and biking rather slowly at the gym!

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