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Thankful Thursday

1. My parents have sacrificed so much to provide for my family. My sister, mom and I went shopping for apartment stuff recently, and I am blown away by the cost of living. It costs so much, just for basic necessities! I am so grateful that my parents want to help my sister and me as we slowly transition to independence. For what my parents could, they cleaned out their cabinets and gave us useful kitchen tools and platters. For other objects, they willingly helped my sister and me sort through the many shelves in stores and pick out the most useful products needed for apartment life. I cant imagine trying to sort through everything without them!

2. Air conditioning- It is incredibly hot outside, in case you haven't noticed. I am so thankful for air conditioning to keep buildings and houses cool and comfortable. Picturing life in Texas without this simple luxury is next to impossible. There are many hot summer nights without even a wisp of a breeze. Without AC or fans, the heat would be pretty unbearable.

3. Numbing spray- I had my two week post-op appointment today with the ENT. Each appointment, he goes up inside my nose with a suction and scissors, freeing my nasal passage of dried blood and gunk. (So sorry if this is too much information-I know, it's pretty gross!) Anyway, the suction really hurts. For about five minutes, my body is completely and totally frozen with tension. It almost feels like he is pulling my brains out through my nose. Okay, so maybe not that drastic, but it feels sort of similar to that. Before he cleans my nose out, however, my doctor sprays inside my nose with this numbing stuff. It makes my nose pretty cold and incredibly strange feeling. However, it also makes the process of cleaning my nose MUCH less painful. I am very glad for the numbing spray because I cringe to imagine how much it would hurt without the spray.


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