Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday

How is it Thursday again already? The week has just flown by. I'm seriously having issues keeping the days straight in my head. Oh college life!

1. Labor day- We have a holiday on Monday. Although I love going to class and keeping to a pretty routine schedule (really, I do), it is great to have a holiday break every once in awhile. Labor day will give me time to catch up with friends, enjoy the first football game (Sic 'em bears), and get my homework/cleaning/laundry finished. It is still warm enough outside to enjoy the summer sun, and maybe I'll even get to read for fun outdoors! That would be amazing :)

2. My church- I am so thankful for the church I go to here in Waco. I cannot even begin to describe how much my faith in Christ has grown over the past year thanks to my church, or how much it has affected my college life. Going to church regularly and being in a small group has profoundly impacted me. My faith is becoming more and more my own, and I can say without a doubt that I am a believer and follower in Christ Jesus. I have realized recently how grateful I am that I found a church in Waco that feels like home. I love being plugged in to such an incredible environment and wouldn't trade it for anything!

3. Baylor football- The kickoff to Baylor football season is this Sunday at 5:30 pm. I am so excited! The atmosphere around campus is thrilling, to say the least. Even without RGIII as the starting quarterback, I have faith in my Baylor bears to do well this season and prove that we are not just a one year phenomenon.  I love so many things about Baylor, and the competitiveness of the sports is no exception. No matter if we win or lose, Baylor fans support their team through thick and thin. I am excited to see where this season takes us!
"The hotter the heat, the harder the steel. No pressure, no diamonds. We compete, we win. We are Baylor. Baylor we are, Baylor we'll always be."--Robert Griffin III

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