Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The post below is one I wrote last year. The message still rings true today, a year after I wrote it. If I may, let me add just one more thing--Please, if you have an overall healthy body, don't take it for granted this holiday season. 

All I want for Christmas is to be healthy. And I mean really healthy. I mean able to run, jump, and dance kind of healthy. I mean being able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I mean not having to worry about lung function, bone density, caloric intake, blood sugars, vitamin levels, liver and kidney function, and IV antibiotic scheduling. My head is swimming with so many issues and problems right now, it's a bit overwhelming.

Maybe soon, my Christmas wish will come true. After all, researchers are discovering more and more about CF and the mutations that cause it, However, I don't think I'll get to start on any ground breaking medication soon. Nor do I think I will be free from health worries for a very long time. And you know what? As much as I would love to be rid of the hassle of dealing with cystic fibrosis, I wouldn't trade the life I have right now for anything. I have an incredibly supportive, loving family. I have terrific friends and mentors. I am completely and totally in love with Jesus Christ and cannot imagine life without His saving grace. I have 2 godly church families. I love being a student at Baylor (sic em bears) and get excited when I think about learning and attending classes. I have a strong, independent, determined spunk that God has blessed me with as well as a capable mind and body. What more could a girl want?

I may not get my Christmas wish this year, and I may never get to see this wish fulfilled. But I'm okay with that. Sure, it'd be nice to be normal. And yeah, I get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yet God will not leave me nor forsake me. I trust Him with my life, my desires, my everything. He has given me the best gift I could ever ask for-salvation through Jesus. Everything else is fleeting compared to that, even my Christmas wish of healing.

Merry Christmas to you all!! 

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