Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quote day

It's quote day on my blog today! Enjoy the quotes below along with my comments about how the quote touches my life. 
Outward beauty will fade. I don't care if you're Miss America or the highest paid model on the runway. Our physical bodies are wasting away. No exceptions. Sorry to burst your bubble.  Five, ten, even  twenty years from now, will people see beauty pouring from you by the way you live your life and through the confidence you have in your identity in Christ? Or will they simply remember a pretty face? 

The world we live in is constantly changing. When we think we've found some solid footing, an earthquake shakes through our lives, and we fall flat on our faces. I personally NEED the assurance from God that He is my rock and my foundation. With Him, my solid ground will not be shaken; I will not sink. "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand."

Loving God and loving people are what we are called to do. All of our actions should be driven by these two commands. This year, I am working on loving ALL people the way Christ does. I want people to see my Father through the way I love. 

My house will always serve the Lord!!

I love the power of language. It is the way we communicate, the way we persuade, the way we discuss ideas, the way we explain, the way we understand others. Language is no ordinary ability--it truly is remarkable. Don't take advantage of your linguistic abilities. They are more useful than you probably realize.

Life for me is about more than just getting through the day. I want to be challlenged by my friends and family members to live a life of influence. I want to grow in spiritual ad emotional maturity on a consistent basis. I want to dream big dreams for the future, all the while putting my faith in God's timing and will for my life. Yeah, I have cystic fibrosis. And yeah, my life looks different than the average young adult's life. I have to think about making my energy last throughout the day, staying away from germs, taking care of my health needs, doing breathing treatments, and sometimes making difficult decisions I'd rather not be faced with. "But, I have bigger dreams than just breathing." 

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