Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flu season

It's the time of year all CF patients hate and dread--flu season. The flu is bad enough for people who have normal respiratory function, even worse for those of us who struggle to breathe normally. To try and prevent the flu, I always get the flu shot, and this year was no exception. Because the virus mutates every year, scientists have to make an educated guess about how to best make the shot. Therefore, the shot is not always effective. You still have to be careful around infected people.

If you have the flu, please do everyone a favor and quarantine yourself until you are no longer contagious. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people knowingly expose others to bad illnesses. Keep in mind that it is rude and seems very selfish to come to class or work with the flu. No one else wants to get sick, and you never know how that illness might effect others. So please, wash your hands, take your vitamin C, and stay away from others if you are sick. We will all make it through the flu season together!

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