Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breathe Hope Baylor

I am starting an organization at school this semester called Breathe Hope Baylor (BHB). BHB is an organization designed to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis in the Baylor community. When I came to college, I was surprised at how little people know about the disease I struggle with every single day. I grew up with a loving family and wonderful support system, so I never fully realized how unaware the world is about rare chronic illnesses. I find myself having to repeatedly explain what CF is to professors, peers, and coworkers. It's difficult living with CF because I don't "look sick". That makes it harder to explain CF because my battle is internal, and I try not to let weakness or exhaustion show. I've had many people unwilling to believe that I have a disease because they flat out can't see my illness.

I am so excited about BHB. Everything is falling into place for the group! Our first official meeting is tomorrow evening, and our first official fundraiser for CFF will follow shortly. It's a little nerve wracking to begin an organization because you don't know if people will be interested in joining or will want to participate in your events. If I'm being completely honest, I am scared out of my mind for the first meeting tomorrow. However, I know that God has given me great organization skills and leadership abilities, and I'm trusting Him to lead my path! 

If you would, please pray for the founding of BHB. Pray for the officers to lead with confidence yet humbleness. Pray for the fundraisers to go well. Pray for awareness to be spread on Baylor campus about cystic fibrosis. Thank you so much!

Shameless plug: If you're interested in learning more about BHB, follow us on twitter (@BreatheHopeBU) and like us on Facebook (Breathe Hope Baylor). :) 

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