Saturday, May 28, 2016

My personality

My personality can be in direct opposition at times. I'm an introvert--I need my alone time, my time to read or watch TV or write. However, my love language is quality time. I crave spending time with the people I love. Being alone for too long can make me lonely. I feel so much love when I'm actually with people and spending time with them. For example, my parents came up to help me move into a new apartment. After we finished moving, we went to the George W Bush Library. We had a great time this weekend! But now, several hours after they left, I'm missing them so much. My apartment isn't nearly as much fun without them. So you see, my personality is at odds.

I think I'm going to adjust to living on my own. I'll be at school and have my people time, and I'll also be able to see my parents and boyfriend and siblings and friends. It'll be a change. I've never lived in my own apartment by myself since freshman year when I was in a single dorm room, and it did not go well. However, I'm determined that this year will be different. I'm not going to let the loneliness get the best of me. It's time to be a big girl!

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