Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Semester Life Lessons

Yesterday, I finished my 7th semester at Baylor University. How in the world is that possible--it feels like yesterday that I finished my first semester of college! When I complete a chapter in my life, I like to look back over the time and reflect on the lessons God has taught me because it is a good way to process what I've learned. So, here are some lessons I've learned from my recent experiences.

1. Waiting is not a bad thing. Granted, I am not the most patient person in the world (it's something I'm working on). However, in my time of waiting, God is able to shape me more into the person He is making me. He is teaching me to trust Him fully and completely. I may be waiting on a whole bunch of different things--waiting to hear from grad schools, waiting for a relationship, waiting for a cure for CF, waiting to graduate, waiting for my grades to be posted from this semester--but God is good, and I am taking life one step at a time. If I always lived with the thought that "my life will be better when...", I would not enjoy the present, the daily blessings God has given me. As I enjoy each day, I am learning to trust God with my future, as well.

2. Living in community is incredibly important. I have three very close friends at Baylor who I share pretty much everything with. They love me unconditionally and encourage me when I'm upset. They challenge me when I need it and kindly correct me when I'm wrong. They have my back, no matter what. I love that God has given me these three friends to do life with!

3. Go to all the football games. I went to all the Baylor home games this year, rain or shine, and it was so much fun! I've never felt so connected to tens of thousands of people than through cheering on our team together. I'm sad that football season is over, but I will always be a Baylor football fan. Next up: basketball season, the sport that has had my heart since before I was born!

4. Take chances. I'm usually not a big risk taker. I like feeling secure and safe. I don't usually take leaps outside my comfort zone. Actually, I don't usually take baby steps outside my comfort zone. However, God is teaching me to that I need to take some risks in life. When you take risks, you step out in trust. You learn how to handle both success and failure. Plus, you never know what could happen if you take a risk every now and then.

5. One of the biggest joys in life occurs when your passion meets the world's needs. God has given you a specific love--use it to glorify Him and care for those around you.

6. Keep a prayer journal. That way, you know who and what to pray for.

7. The world is incredibly complex and full of unimaginable sadness and brokenness because we live in a fallen world. Therefore, take every opportunity to love others and care for them however possible. You never know how deeply someone is hurting.

8. Christ is enough. I've known that in my head, but I finally think I'm beginning to get what that actually means. Christ is enough, even if I don't have a stable job, even if I'm feeling lonely, even if something terrible happens in my life, even if the world is against me, even if I feel broken, Christ is enough! He alone sustains me. He is FOR me and will not forsake me.

These are just a few of the lessons I've learned this semester. I can't wait to see how God uses the lessons He's taught me in the future!

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