Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I hate not being able to sleep. And yet here I am at 3:29, trying to do something that will distract me from the anxiety cycle about not being able to sleep. Here's kind of how it goes:

I really need to sleep.

Why am I not falling asleep?

What's wrong with me?!

This is a serious problem.

What am I going to do tomorrow? I can't function without sleep.


Wait, I need to stop thinking about this.

Don't think about not being able to sleep, don't think about not being able to sleep. 

Don't do it!!

...I really need to sleep.

It's a bad cycle to get into. If doesn't help matters that I have a cold and know that I need sleep to fight off infection or that I am coughing and sniffling, which makes it harder to sleep. Body, PLEASE cooperate with me! God, give me rest.

Because I really need sleep.

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