Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Passion: Let the Future Begin

Passion: Let the Future Begin was released to the public yesterday. The CD is a compilation of the songs from Passion 2013. I highly suggest buying the music. I've listened to the CD yesterday and today, and I am blown away by how moving it is. Maybe that's because I'm remembering the experience of Passion while listening to it, remembering being in the Georgia Dome with 60,000 college students lifting up the name of Jesus. However, I really believe that God will use the new Passion CD to stir people's hearts toward Him. Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, and all the rest of the Passion artists have such a desire to glorify God with their music and their talents, and I can't help but worship along with them. God has certainly blessed them with the incredible ability to write songs and sing beautifully, and it's awesome to see these artists giving everything back to the Lord. Below are some of my favorite lyrics from different songs on the CD. Enjoy!

"Yours is the name above all names/You stand alone, I stand amazed/Jesus, only Jesus/Holy, King Almighty Lord, saints and angels all adore/I join with them and bow before/Jesus only Jesus"--Jesus Only Jesus

"Lord our God is ever faithful/never changing through the ages/from this darkness you relieve us/and forever we will say you're the Lord our God"--The Lord our God

"I know who goes before me/I know who stands behind me/The God of angel armies/Is always by my side/The one who reigns forever/He is a friend of mine/The God of angel armies/Is always by my side"--Whom Shall I Fear

"Wake up, open your eyes/no longer dead, you are alive"--Children of Light

"I cannot contain it this fire inside/I cannot contain let it shine/I cannot contain it, this light inside"--Burning Lights

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