Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It was bound to happen--I was "due " for a lung infection after being relatively healthy all semester. I was just waiting for CF to pounce. I'm just glad I didn't get the infection until right before break so I didn't feel miserable in the middle of classes.

My lungs are suffering from upper respiratory problems. The sickness came on fast and furious--one moment, I was enjoying another spiritually challenging Sunday service, praising Jesus with my fellow believers, and the next, I felt like I was about to pass out, stop breathing, lose the ability to focus, or experience all the above at the same time. My blood pressure was low (but that's common for me), my pulse was high, and Advil would not make my headache go away. During my breathing treatment Sunday night, my sputum was pretty disgusting, and I'm pretty sure I coughed up a plug or two. To top it all off, I crashed around 8:30 last night and went to bed around 9.

After some much needed rest, I'm feeling a bit better yesterday and today. However, around the middle of the afternoon yesterday, I could feel my body struggling to stay strong. I've been very tired the past two days, even with multiple cups of coffee. My body used to be able to fight infection so much better, but I feel like I've lost some of my defense mechanisms as I've gotten older. I never used to get fevers with lung infections. Now, it's becoming much more common. I used to be able to function at close to my best when sick, despite having a more limited lung capacity. Now when my body is fighting illness, I am exhausted before the day is even half over. My body is losing some of its ability to stay strong, but I am trying to help by staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, doing my treatments effectively, starting on an oral antibiotic, and keeping my nutritional intake up.

If you could please pray for a speedy recovery for my body, I would so appreciate it. I am so grateful for your friendship and the support you all offer me. I believe in the power of prayer and have seen it at work through you!

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