Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin carving extravaganza

Tonight, my small group from Highland decided to carve pumpkins. Not just any ordinary pumpkins, mind you. We went all out with the pumpkin extravaganza. My roommate and I carved Texas into our pumpkin, with the words "Sic 'em" in a line next to our great state (Technically, my roommate is from Louisiana, but she lives here now, so she can count Texas as one of her states :) ). Another group carved an ice cream cone into their pumpkin, and the final pumpkin was made into a traditional jack-o-lantern face with a twist--one eyebrow was slightly raised. However, the judges (aka our host home "parents" and their three year old daughter) picked my roommate and my pumpkin as the one with the best design. Sic 'em pumpkin carving!

Although scraping all the pumpkin guts out of the pumpkin and carving into it was fun, my favorite part of the evening was when I got to play with the two kids. The youngest was absolutely fascinated with the moon. He kept saying "moon" over and over again. It was such a sweet reminder of how we should react to God's creation. The moon is so beautiful and an awe-inspiring work of God's hands, yet we forget about it so often in the busyness of life! Children have the right heart--they are so pure and innocent, so quick to see God's goodness. The oldest child was also a joy to be around. She always has such zest for life and so much energy. I love being around these kids. They have a way of brightening up everyone's day! And while I know that they are not perfect, and I'm sure their parents know the "evil" side of them, I know that children are such a blessing from God and can teach us adults something every once in a while if we will only pay attention.

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