Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jerry's Transplant!

Jerry Cahill, a huge proponent of CF research and inspiration to many, got the call this morning that it was time to come get his new lungs! Jerry was diagnosed with CF when he was eleven, but since then, he has shown the world what it means to never give up and not let your circumstances define you. He has run two New York City Marathons, a feat I can't even begin to imagine. He is also in charge of the scholarships and grants program for the Boomer Esiason foundation, a foundation that raises money for students like me with CF to go to college without an additional financial burden. I have received a few scholarships from the Boomer Esiason foundation and am so beyond grateful! Jerry also has a series of CF podcasts dedicated to helping CFers maintain a good quality of life. The podcasts are always interesting, and I continually learn new things.

I am so excited for Jerry to begin his new life with fresh, healthy lungs. Please be in prayer for him as his body adjusts to the lungs. Recovering from a double lung transplant is no walk in the park! Be praying that his body doesn't reject this wonderful gift and that the recovery is as smooth and quick as possible. Thank you!

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