Friday, April 20, 2012


One of my biggest pet peeves:

People acting dumb.

Yesterday was Dia Del Oso, a day off from school for all of us Baylor kids. Basically, it's a day to celebrate the end of the semester and a successful year. I had a fabulous time with friends, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and day free of worrying about schoolwork. Unfortunately, it has also turned into a big gigantic party for many people (and I'm not talking about the fun parties). You know to stay off of 10th street, which is where many of the bad parties take place. This year, Baylor hired a bunch of police to monitor the area to crowd control. Unfortunately, a lot of people got very, very drunk. I saw two really bad wrecks, and I heard some pretty bad stories about the parties. Why in the world would you get so drunk in the first place? And secondly, why would you then get in a car and endanger your own as well as other people's lives? I'm sorry, I just don't understand. That's just dumb.

Another thing I don't understand goes along with the above. I don't get why people would not take good care of their bodies. We are only given this one life. Your body is PRECIOUS. Yet so many people smoke, drink, do drugs, drive recklessly, or harm their bodies in any other way with their actions. Seriously, someone please explain to me why any action that has the potential to harm your body is even slightly appealing. I have been raised to take the best care of my body as possible. For example, I know smoking could reduce my lifespan by many, many years. And my life expectancy is already shorter than the average by forty years. Therefore, I will never pick up a cigarette, and I hold my breath whenever I'm around smoke. I want to have the longest, healthiest life I can, and to obtain that, I need to take care of my body. It also makes me sick when people who have CF, like me, are not compliant with their therapies and blatantly ruin their health by partying or participating in unhealthy activities. It blows my mind when people think that they are invincible, that they can do whatever they very well please because nothing bad is going to happen to them. Just so we're clear here, NO ONE is invincible.

I'm sorry for my tangent! You're probably sick of reading my frustrations by now, so I'll let you go. Just please, please, please think before you do something stupid.

 Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  1. I hear you!!! My husband and I recently moved and the neighbors behind us, who share our fence, smoke. It drives me crazy - especially because it means the smoke travels across to OUR little patio so I have to wear a mask a lot of the time when I'm out reading or gardening - and it's all I can do not to just march over to them, sit them down, and start giving them a lecture on exactly what it feels like to have a progressive lung disease!