Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Nursing care is not for the arrogant. You have to be willing to learn. You have to be willing to listen. You have to be willing to say "I'm sorry, let me fix that".

Nursing care is not for the insecure. You have to go into a patient's room with the expectation that you're going to do everything right. You have to come across confident and secure in your knowledge.

Nursing care is not for the unorganized. You have to know when medicines are due and bring those meds at that time. You have to manage several different patient schedules and keep track of how all your patients are doing.

Nursing care is not for people who don't like people. When someone needs a nurse,  they are sick and usually feeling pretty crummy. Patients shouldn't have to also deal with rude nurses or people who you can clearly tell don't like people.

Nursing care is not for the faint of heart. It's hard working in the hospital, seeing so many sick people per day. Some people's stories are heartbreaking. A hospital is a depressing place to be, and I'm sure it can be difficult to work there with so much hurt and sadness.

Consider seriously before going into the nursing profession. Don't get me wrong, we desperately need great nurses, especially in the adult world. Most great nurses want to work with kiddos or in the NICU or in the ICU or in surgery. But we need great nurses, not mediocre nurses. Not even "just fine" nurses. We need people who have the personality to be a great nurse. Someone who is organized, timely, caring, humble yet confident, and someone who is always willing to learn. We need people who have a passion for nursing and for helping people get better.

I'm done deaaling with mediocre nurses. Get me some good ones I can trust.

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