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Wedding Storytime

My twin sister got married Saturday, June 18, 2016. What. A. Day. Katie truly deserved the best day ever, and I believe she got that! You see, when you have a twin sister with a chronic disease, you have to grow up pretty fast.  I know that even though I'm the one with the disease, growing up wasn't easy on her, either. I got lots of extra attention she didn't get (not good attention, but still attention). I needed her to be strong many times, even when it was hard. And I counted on her to help me stay healthy, help me catch up on school work, and sometimes miss out on fun stuff to be with me. Katie is the most supportive, most protective, most caring sister I know. There was never a time she refused to step up and be there for me. My sister is truly incredible, and I'm so glad we could make her day so special.

I was feeling pretty good during the whole rehearsal and getting ready the next day. However, the second I walked into the chapel heading down the aisle before Katie's grand entrance, I started bawling. I mean, big, fat, ugly tears. I completely and totally lost it. Part of the reason is because Katie's now husband was at the front, crying and looking so happy. Another huge reason is because I saw the faces of the 200 people in the chapel, many of whom I knew, gazing back at me with the biggest smiles on their faces and the proudest looks. These are people I knew from my parents, from our growing up days, or through Katie's college experience. Through every stage of life, these people had been there for different bits and pieces of it (and some for every step of the way!), and they had helped shape the woman Katie is now. Regardless of how I knew them, all of the guests were there for Katie and Brice, and they were so wonderfully happy and proud of the couple. It's an indescribable feeling to be surrounded by so many loved ones, cheering a couple along and celebrating a new commitment. I was flooded by this emotion and the realization that Katie was no longer going to be just my twin sister, she was about to be a wife as well. I was overcome by emotion, and tears flooded down my face. Pretty soon the rest of the bridal party was crying, as were many people in the audience (sorry to start the tears, guys!). I'm sure once we get the pictures back from the photographer, he'll have some good evidence of the ugly cry going on.

The rest of the wedding was beautiful, and I managed to hold it together somewhat. The reception was fun, as well! Such great food, yummy cake, and awesome dancing (I posted my written copy of my MOH toast in the previous blog--have a read if you want :)). It was so fun to be with friends and family celebrating such a lovely couple!! Katie and Brice are now on their honeymoon. I can't wait for them to get back because I am already missing them! Congratulations to my wonderful sister and new brother-in-law! So much love for the happy couple.


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